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The Phoenix

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From: Oxford, MA
Height: 5'10"   Weight: 160 lbs.
Finishing Maneuvers: Flight Of The Phoenix; The Reborn
Promotions Worked For:
  • Action Packed Championship Wrestling (APCW)
  • Atlas Championship Wrestling (ACW)
  • East Coast Championship Wrestling (ECCW)
  • New World Wrestling (NWW)
  • New Wrestling Horizons (NWH; now known as NWH/AWA North Atlantic)
  • North End Promotions (NEP)
  • Powerhouse Wrestling Of New England
  • Showcase Pro Wrestling (SPW)
  • South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
  • Top Rope Promotions (TRP)
  • Universal Championship Wrestling (UCW)
  • Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Pro Wrestling Debut: December 17, 2005; Cruiserweight Gauntlet Match.

The one...the only...The Phoenix. A relative newcomer to the world of professional wrestling, The Phoenix has impressed audiences with his daredevil style, tremendous heart and electrifing personality. He thrives on emotion whether it would be from the fans or from his tremendous courage & determination, You can be sure that you can get your money's worth whenever Phoenix steps into the ring. On February 25 of this year, he went one-on-one with Paul Hunter and was defeated in a very controversial ending to an otherwise outstanding match. Even though he got the last word by attacking Hunter after the bell, Hunter got the victory.
However, one loss doesn't slow down a career and the same goes for The Phoenix. After Paul Hunter's contract was abruptly terminated by North End Promotions for undisclosed reasons, the masked one focused his attention to fellow competitor, Leon Matthews where on January 21, 2006, won round one when he defeated Leon Matthews. The two again squared off on April 22, with Matthews gaining the win. After that match, he went on to face The Kreeper in North Oxford on May 27. Even though he went down to defeat to The Kreeper, he and all who attended the show were shocked to find out that the individual who wrestled as The Kreeper, turned out to be archrival Leon Matthews.
Looking for respect, at "August Assault" was challenged by Freightrain, who was looking to teach him how to really earn respect in the business. The rules were that if Freightrain won the match, The Phoenix would need to start paying his dues by working on the ring crew for 30 days. If Phoenix was victorious, he would indeed earn the respect of every individual in the locker room. After a hard fought battle, The Phoenix was unable to clear off the tracks of an incoming Freightrain, after a splash off the top rope for the three count. Dejected and defeated in the middle of the ring, The Phoenix was about to take off his sacred mask until Freightrain came back to the ring in a show of good sportsmanship raised his hand in a token of respect.
The Phoenix. He has already achieved his dream of becoming a pro wrestler. The only question is... will he achieve his dream of becoming a champion? Only time will tell.
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