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"Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet
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From: Leicester, MA
Height: 5'11"  
Weight: 225 lbs.
Finishing Maneuver: Stars & Stripes

Promotions Worked For:
  • Chaotic Wrestling
  • Chikara Pro Wrestling (CPW)
  • Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)
  • Green Mountain Wrestling (GMW)
  • National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)
    • NWA New England
  • New Age Wrestling Federation (NAWF)
  • New World Wrestling (NWW)
  • New Wrestling Horizons (NWH; now known as NWH/AWA North Atlantic)
  • North End Promotions (NEP)
  • North End Wrestling Alliance (NEWA)
  • Powerhouse Wrestling Of New England
  • South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
  • Top Rope Promotions (TRP)
  • Universal Championship Wrestling (UCW)
  • World Class Wrestling Alliance (WCWA)
  • World Wrestling Federation (WWF)
Career Highlights:
  • Chaotic Wrestling
    • First-ever Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
  • Eastern Wrestling Alliance
    • EWA Hardcore Champion
    • Last holder of the EWA Latin American Light Heavyweight Championship
    • Last holder of the EWA Light Heavyweight Championship (2)
  • National Wrestling Alliance
    • NWA New England
      • First-ever NWA - New England Junior Heavyweight Champion (2)
  • North End Promotions
    • First-ever North End Promotions Heavyweight Champion
  • New Wrestling Horizons
    • NWH Cruiserweight Champion
  • Powerhouse Wrestling Of New England
    • Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (2)
  • Top Rope Promotions
    • First-ever Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion (3)
  • World Class Wrestling Alliance
    • Last holder of the WCWA Tag Team Championship

There is only one "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet. Jaillet, an nine year pro, has competed in some of the most prestigious organizations in the Northeast including Chaotic Wrestling, Top Rope Promotions and in 2001, Jaillet made an appearance in the pinnacle of sports-entertainment, the World Wrestling Federation. Also, in his career he has held numerous championships including becoming the first-ever Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion in September of 2000, a former two-time NWA-NE Junior Heavyweight Champion and on New Year's Day 2006, Jaillet added another piece of gold to his resume by defeating 19 other men in a Battle Royal to become the first-ever Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion. Not only is the man that they call "Mass Appeal" a very successful professional wrestler, he is also a very successful businessman. He is the current owner of not only North End Promotions, but also the North End Training Facility and his own gym, North End Muscle.
Jay Jaillet. Wrestler, enterpreneur, businessman. A champion in every sense of the word.
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