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Doink The Clown
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Finishing Maneuver: Whoopee Cushion
Promotions Worked For:
  • American Wrestling Federation (AWF)
  • Eastern Pro Wrestling (EPW)
  • Empire Professional Wrestling (EPW)
  • Empire Wrestling Federation (EWF)
  • Far North Wrestling (FNW)
  • Georgia Championship Wrestling (GCW)
  • Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW)
  • Main Event Wrestling (MEW)
  • Mid-South Wrestling Alliance (MWA)
  • New Era Pro Wrestling (NEPW)
  • New World Wrestling (NWW)
  • North End Promotions (NEP)
  • Portland Wrestling
  • Power Wrestling Alliance (PWA)
  • Powerhouse Wrestling Of New England
  • Powerslam Pro Wrestling (PPW)
  • Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE)
  • South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
  • Stars & Stripes Championship Wrestling (SSCW)
  • Superstar Wrestling Federation (SWF)
  • Superstars Of Wrestling (SOW)
  • Top Rope Promotions (TRP)
  • World Wrestling Federation (WWF)
  • World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

The Doink wrestling persona is that of a circus clown. He wrestles in a clown costume, complete with face paint, makeup, and bright green hair. His diminutive sidekick, Dink the Clown (who was approximately four feet tall) wore a similar clown suit. The Doink character debuted in the WWF in 1992, and he wrestled as both a heel and a face. As a heel, Doink played cruel jokes on both fans and face wrestlers in order to amuse himself and put them off guard. Some of his heelish pranks included tripping The Big Boss Man with a trip wire and attacking Crush with a prosthetic arm. As a heel, some of his most notable clashes were with Crush at WrestleMania IX, with Randy Savage on an early edition of Monday Night Raw and with Bret Hart after substituting for an "injured" Jerry Lawler at SummerSlam 1993.

Lawler would turn on Doink and effectively turn Doink face as a result. Matt Borne, the original man behind Doink, was fired for re-occurring drug abuses, eventually leaving the gimmick (after bouncing through a few others) to Ray Apollo. Now as a face and with a new midget sidekick Dink, Doink encountered Lawler again the following year in a match at Survivor Series 1994. In this match, Doink and Dink teamed with Wink and Pink to meet Lawler's midget team of 'little kings' Queazy, Cheezy, and Sleazy. As a face, Doink was more of a comic relief character, but continued to play jokes on other wrestlers, mostly heels.

Examples include Jerry Lawler and Bobby Heenan. These jokes were considerably less cruel while Doink was a face, however. Doink and Dink would also battle with Bam Bam Bigelow and his 'main squeeze' Luna Vachon in a feud that would culminate at WrestleMania X. Some wrestling purists criticized the WWF for creating the Doink character, claiming that it pandered to what they saw as the "one-ring circus" atmosphere the WWF was promoting at the time; others thought that Doink was appropriate given professional wrestling's carny origins. Others preferred the heel version, saying that Matt Borne made the gimmick work, but once he was turned face, his character was neutered.

One of Doink's final appearances in his original run was at the Slammy Awards when he was attacked by Stone Cold Steve Austin amidst chants of 'kill the clown'. Doink then showed up in the A.P.A. Bar Room Brawl on the Smackdown! Vengeance 2003 pay-per-vew. Doink returned then at Saturday Night's Main Event on June 2, 2007 when he teamed up with Eugene and Kane to defeat Umaga, Viscera and Kevin Thorn.

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