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Event Results 4.15.2006

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Featuring the superstars of North End Promotions & Top Rope Promotions
Saturday, April 15, 2006
Everyone here at North End Promotions (featuring the superstars of Top Rope Promotions) would like to thank all of you who came down to the North End Training Facility for some tremendous wrestling action. Here's the rundown for the event.

Vain vs. El Mascarado
El Mascarado def. Vain after a variation of a razor's edge & sit-down powerbomb to recieve the three count.
Huey McGraw & Freightrain
"H2O" Ryan Waters & TRP Interstate Champion "Nightmare" Nick Steel
Huey McGraw & Freightrain def. "H2O" Ryan Waters & TRP Interstate Champion "Nightmare" Nick Steel after problems between Waters & Steel resulted in Nick Steel walking out on Ryan Waters that resulted in "H2O" recieving a big boot and a running senton splach from Huey McGraw to pick up the 1-2-3.
Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Championship:
"Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni
Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet
"Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet def. "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni after a devastating superkick to gain the pinfall and as a result, retained the Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Championship.
"Bad" Leroy Brown vs. "Heavenly" Johnny Angel
"Bad" Leroy Brown def. "Heavenly" Johnny Angel after Brown connected with the Downtown and placed his feet on the second rope for the three count.
Leon Matthews with The Intellectual vs. Doink The Clown
Doink The Clown def. Leon Matthews after Doink rolled up Leon Matthews for the three.
The Kreeper vs. The Phoenix
After a breaktaking matchup, The Kreeper & The Phoenix wrestled to the time limit and the match, therefore, was ruled a time limit draw.
NEP Tag Team Champion Hector vs. Iron Eagle
Iron Eagle def. Hector after a devastating Death Valley Neckbreaker to pick up the win.
NEP Television Championship:
NEP Television Champion "Retro" Donnie Rotten with Miss Christine
Fatty Pimp Daddy with Jenecy
Fatty Pimp Daddy def. "Retro" Donnie Rotten via disqualification when original referee for the match "Fast" Eddie saw Miss Christine strike Pimp Daddy with the NEP Television Championship belt. However, when referee "Fast" Eddie was taken out of the match from an accidental splash by Fatty, Donnie Rotten rolled up the Pimp and new referee Tony S. counted the three count and Donnie was declared the winner. As the two referees deliberated with each other as to who originally won the match, the match was left without a clear cut victor.
(Later in the evening, NEP Officials looked at the video footage and ruled that even though Fatty Pimp Daddy won the match via disqualification in this controversial matchup, "Retro" Donnie Rotten remains NEP Television Champion.)
Dudleyville Street Fight:
The Widowmaker vs. "LSD" Matt Hyson
In a match that was originally was supposed to be a Lumberjack Match between The Widowmaker & GQ Smooth, turned into a Dudleyville Street Fight between The Widowmaker and surprise opponent, "LSD" Matt Hyson. After a fight that involved going into the crowd, outside the building, in the backstage area and back into the ring, after an incapacitated referee, and an eight-man brawl that took place during the match, "LSD" Matt Hyson def. The Widowmaker after an Acid Drop.

Again, thanks to all of you who attended the North End Training Facility for some great wrestling action! Remember, North End Promotions (featuring the superstars of Top Rope Promotions) will return to the North End Training Facility in the month of May. Check this website and it's Upcoming Events page for more information.

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