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  • April 15, 2006
    NEP would like to thank all of you for attending the show at the North End Training Facility for some great wrestling action. Check the Previous Event Results page for the results of this event.
    In other news, North End Promotions & GQ Smooth have come to terms on the release of his contract. NEP would like to wish him the best in his future endeavors.
  • April 14, 2006
    North End Promotions officials have just learned that GQ Smooth will be unable to make his Lumberjack Match against The Widowmaker tomorrow night. However, one big name who will be attending the event tomorrow night has just been announced: Current NEP & newest member of the  Total Nonstop Action roster, "LSD" Matt Hyson! Be sure to attend this unbelievable show tomorrow night in North Oxford.
  • March 31, 2006
    Be sure to pick up your tickets for the show on Saturday night, April 15 featuring the stars of Top Rope Promotions & North End Promotions at the North End Training Facility. Two high-flying cruiserweights will square off for the very first time as TRP Superstar The Kreeper will take on NEP standout The Phoenix. Leon Matthews with his new manager, The Intellectual, will take on former WWF Superstar, the one and only Doink The Clown! Owner of NEP & current TRP Heavyweight Champion "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet will go one on one with "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni.
    The NEP Television Championship will be on the line as champion "Retro" Donnie Rotten squares off against nearly 500 lb. Fatty Pimp Daddy.

    And in the main event, The Widowmaker & GQ Smooth will end their long standing rivalry in a Lumberjack Match! Other matches will be appearing at the show. Get your tickets now, because they won't last long.
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