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Event Results 5.27.2006

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Featuring the superstars of North End Promotions & Top Rope Promotions
Saturday, May 27, 2006
Everyone here at North End Promotions (featuring the superstars of Top Rope Promotions) would like to thank all of you who came down to the North End Training Facility for some tremendous wrestling action. Here's the rundown for the event.

Snappa vs. GG Glacier
In the first match of the evening, Snappa def. GG Glacier and won his first professional matchup after a wind-up powerslam.
Buck Nasty vs. Freightrain
Freightrain made short work of Buck Nasty after a devastating top rope red bull splash.
VG: Very Good (Vincent Vain & "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni)
"LSD" Matt Hyson & Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion "Kidd U.S.A." Jay Jaillet
After a decapitating superkick, "LSD" Matt Hyson & current Heavyweight Champion of Top Rope Promotions, "Kidd U.S.A." Jay Jaillet picked up the 1-2-3 for their team by def. VG: Very Good.
TRP Interstate Championship:
"H2O" Ryan Waters vs. TRP Interstate Champion "Nightmare" Nick Steel
In this grueling match, "Nightmare" Nick Steel hit his finishing maneuver, the sambo suplex, on "H2O" Ryan Waters at the 20-minute mark to retain the TRP Interstate Championship.
Hector vs. Huey McGraw
After four crushing chokeslams, the referee disqualified Huey McGraw and gave the match to Hector. However, Huey McGraw couldn't stop his onslaught and repeatedly attacked Hector after the bell. This brought out 2006 WWE Hall Of Fame inductee, "Mr. U.S.A." Tony Atlas who challenged McGraw to pick on someone his own size. It cost Huey in the end, and after a school boy rollup, "Mr. U.S.A" gained the victory.
The Kreeper vs. The Phoenix
After a high-flying match with two top cruiserweights squaring off one-on-one in the ring to find out who is superior, The Kreeper edged out The Phoenix in a very competitive matchup. However, looks in this case, were very deceving, as The Kreeper took the mask off and unveiled himself as The Phoenix's top rival in North End Promotions, Leon Matthews. You can bet that this rivalry is far from over.
Triple Threat Match for the NEP Television Championship:
Iron Eagle
Fatty Pimp Daddy with Jenecy & Swift Bills
NEP Television Champion "Retro" Donnie Rotten
In this match, anything and everything happened in this triple threat match for the Television Championship of North End Promotions. In this match, "Retro" Donnie Rotten blinded Fatty Pimp Daddy with powder and when Pimp Daddy couldn't see, he went back-to-back with assigned referee, Tony S. When they bumped, they turned around, and Fatty Pimp Daddy decapitated the referee with a vicious clothesline, and covered him (thinking it was Donnie Rotten) for the pin. When he realized that he knocked out the referee, the Pimp was knocked out of the ring by Donnie Rotten, who rolled up Iron Eagle and new referee "Fast" Eddie counted the three count which ensured the NEP Television Championship for "Retro" Donnie Rotten.
Lumberjack Match:
GQ Smooth vs. "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred
This match, that was originally scheduled for the previous event last month at the North End Training Facility, finally took place as in the Lumberjack Match between GQ Smooth and "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred. GQ Smooth, with lumberjacks surrounding the ring, was already in the ring waiting for his opponent and surprisingly, a much smaller version of The Widowmaker came out in full attire. GQ was having fun with "The Littlemaker" until the real Widowmaker came from behind through the crowd, and not only attacked GQ Smooth, but his own imposter and much smaller likeness. After a hooking neckbreaker, "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred def. GQ Smooth which proves that when it comes to "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred, don't play games.

Again, thanks to all of you who attended the North End Training Facility for some great wrestling action! Remember, North End Promotions (featuring the superstars of Top Rope Promotions) will return to the North End Training Facility in the very near future. Check this website and it's Upcoming Events page for more information.
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