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"Heart Throb" Romeo Roselli
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From: West Harrison, NY
Height: 6'1"   Weight: 221 lbs.
Finishing Maneuver: Somersault Neckbreaker
Promotions Worked For:
  • Acid Pro Wrestling (APW)
  • All Out Mayhem (AOM)
  • Assault Championship Wrestling (ACW)
  • Atlas Championship Wrestling (ACW)
  • BANG Wrestling
  • Bluegrass Championship Wrestling (BCW)
  • Big Time Wrestling (BTW)
  • Boxing Connection Wrestling (BCW)
  • BWO
  • Connecticut Championship Wrestling (CCW)
  • ECB Championship Wrestling
  • East Coast Pro Wrestling (ECPW)
  • East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)
  • Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)
  • Elite Wrestling Federation (EWF)
  • Jersey All Pro Wrestling (JAPW)
  • Jersey Wrestling Alliance (JWA)
  • International Wrestling Cartel (IWC)
  • Madmar Entertainment
  • Millenium Wrestling Association (MWA)
  • MWX
  • National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)
    • NWA Tri-State (Pennsylvania)
    • NWA Upstate (New York)
  • National Wrestling Superstars (NWS)
  • Next Wave Wrestling (NWW)
  • New Age Wrestling Federation (NAWF)
  • New Era Pro Wrestling (NEPW)
  • New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
  • New York State Wrestling Federation (NYSWF)
  • North American Wrestling Association (NAWA)
  • North East Wrestling (NEW)
  • Nu-Wrestling Evolution (NWE) (Italy)
  • Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)
  • Paper City Championship Wrestling (PCCW)
  • Powerhouse Wrestling Of New England
  • South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
  • TNT Pro Wrestling
  • Top Rope Promotions (TRP)
  • Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA)
  • United Wrestling Alliance (UWA)
  • United Wrestling Association (UWA)
  • United Wrestling Coalition (UWC)
  • United Wrestling Federation (UWF)
  • USA Pro Wrestling
  • World Of Hurt Wrestling (WHW)
  • World Wrestling Alliance (New England)
  • World Wrestling Council (WWC)
  • World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
  • Wrestling Federation Of America (WFA)
  • Wrestling Superstars Unleashed (WSU)
  • Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Career Highlights:
  • Eastern Wrestling Alliance
    • EWA Tag Team Champion
  • New Era Pro Wrestling
    • NEPW Tag Team Champion
  • Nu-Wrestling Evolution
    • NWE Heavyweight Champion
  • World Wrestling Council
    • WWC Puerto Rican Heavyweight Champion

Roselli began wrestling on the independent circuit and for the Internet-based Junior Pro Wrestling Association as Johnny Heartbreaker, and BG East as Johnny Romano. On January 23, 2004 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, Johnny Heartbreaker (Roselli) and Antonio Thomas defeated Cueball and Nick McKenna to win the EWA (Eastern Wrestling Alliance) Tag Team Championship. In February 2005, Roselli signed a WWE developmental deal. Both Antonio Thomas and Roselli debut not long after as the "Heart Breakers". In April 2005, William Regal & Tajiri successfully defended the World Tag Team belts against the debuting Romeo (Roselli) and Antonio (Thomas), known collectively as "The Heart Throbs."

They would go on to participated in Tag-Team Turmoil match for the World Tag Team Championship at WWE Backlash. The Heart Throbs, who have portrayed heels, mainly appeared on the RAW B-show, Heat. They have had short-lived feuds with Eugene and William Regal, The Hurricane & Rosey, and V-Squared (Val Venis and Viscera). During the first episode of HEAT in 2006 the pair turned face and began entertaining the crowd by bringing two "hot chicks" into the ring and getting them to dance. However, on February 10, 2006 both The Heart Throbs were released from WWE.

Roselli continued on as an active competitor touring many American independents; sometime still competing with/against Antonio, while touring abroad. Roselli also made a one off appearance with Ohio Valley Wrestling. In November, Roselli appeared on the television show "Pants Off Dance Off", a show in which people strip and dance for the camera in a competition hosted by Jodie Sweetin. Both of the Heart Throbs appeared on the Food Network show, Ham On The Street, cooking french style mussels alongside chef George Duran. After this, Roselli left America to tour with Nu-Wrestling Evolution.

During this tour, on December 10, 2006, in Palermo, Italy, the full blooded Italian Romeo defeated Vampiro to win the NWE Heavyweight Championship. Romeo became only the third champion in the history of the NWE and the first Italian to claim the championship. Roselli, along with partner Antonio, made a surprise debut and appearance at TNA's Destination X Pay Per View in March 2007 with Christy Hemme as their manager, however they were defeated by VKM.

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