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Event Results 10.21.2006

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From: Saturday, October 21, 2006
Everyone here at North End Promotions would like to thank all of you who came down to the North End Training Facility for some tremendous wrestling action. Here's the rundown for the event.

Triple Threat Match for the NEP Cruiserweight Championship:
The Phoenix vs. GG Glacier vs. NEP Cruiserweight Champion Bones
Freightrain vs. Big Daddy Bravo
Luscious Latasha & Jasmine vs. Lexus & Amber
Hair vs. Hair Match:
"The Widowmaker" Eric Shred vs. NEP Television Champion "Dangerous" Donnie Rotten
Steel Cage Match:
Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet vs. Iron Eagle
Steel Cage Match:
Vain vs. Rick Fuller
Steel Cage Match:
Shane Adams vs. Leon Matthews

  • Triple Threat Match, NEP Cruiserweight Championship:
    Bones def. The Phoenix & GG Glacier via disqualification; Bones remains NEP Cruiserweight Champion
  • Freightrain def. Big Daddy Bravo
  • Lexus & Amber def. Luscious Latasha & Jasmine
  • Hair vs. Hair Match:
    "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred def. NEP Television Champion "Dangerous" Donnie Rotten
  • Steel Cage Match:
    In rare form, the Steel Cage Match between "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet & Iron Eagle ended in a draw.
  • Steel Cage Match:
    Rick Fuller def. Vain
    Steel Cage Match:
    Leon Matthews def. Shane Adams
Again, thanks to all of you who attended the North End Training Facility for some great wrestling action! Remember, North End Promotions will return to the North End Training Facility on Saturday night, November 25 with "Thanksgiving Throwdown". Check this website and it's Upcoming Events page for more information.
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